Best EDM Mastering Course

Best EDM Mastering Course

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This 3.5-hour course, by John Rogers, will show you everything you need to know about audio mastering EDM music. All the shortcuts, all the secrets, everything I've learned over the past 18 years!

This entire course took me over a year to create and contains more valuable info than online courses that cost over $1,500! It also includes over 90 pages of PDFs from my best selling book, Audio Mastering Secrets.

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Audio Mastering Laws, Tips, And Advice
Several videos that fill in the missing pieces that are not in other parts of the course. Tips, advice and absolute LAWS that you cannot break. Break a few of these laws, and I will guarantee your CD project will be a disaster. 45 minutes of strong advice.

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The 4 Bands In Audio Mastering
In audio mastering, we work in Bands. Here's a quick overview.

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  • The 4 Band Frequency Ranges

    The 4 Band Frequency Ranges

How To Correctly Set Your Song Volumes In Audio Mastering
How do I get all my songs the same volume? How loud is my song supposed to be? Is my song too loud? All these questions are answered in this quick 8 min video.

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  • How To Correctly Set Your Song Volumes

    How To Correctly Set Your Song Volumes

Compression Made Easy In Audio Mastering
I've listen to over 1,000 clients attempts at mastering, and masters from other studios (some charging $100 a song). 75% of what I heard, they have NO CLUE how to compress a song. Usually, they don't apply any compression at all (they just make the song louder and call that mastering) and the song breaks up miserably when played back loud. Or the extreme, they compress it to death and it has no dynamic range and it's distorted.

In this video I explain what compression is, your goals, how to use compressors, everything you need to know about compression in audio mastering is in this 20 min video!

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  • Compression Made Easy

    Compression Made Easy

Understanding Equalization And Spectral Enhancement In Audio Mastering
Which processors are used for EQ? Most people don't know a compressor is one of them. When do you use them, what are your goals, what's the difference between EQ and spectral enhancement? Almost a half hour of priceless information you want find anywhere else.

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  • EQ vs Spectral Enhancement

    EQ vs Spectral Enhancement

EDM Mastering Step By Step Session (3 Songs)
In this video I master 3 EDM songs in a live mastering session. You'll see I always use the same simple steps with every song, to bring it up to commercial radio standards. I also include bonus tips and advice while going through my step progression. This video brings everything together, when you can actually see me doing what I've talked about earlier, and what you've read in the PDFs or in my book.

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  • Audio Mastering Step By Step

    Audio Mastering Step By Step

  • How To Master Different Genres

    How To Master Different Genres

  • Solutions To Common Problems

    Solutions To Common Problems

  • Setting Up Your Listening Environment

    Setting Up Your Listening Environment

  • Initial Template Settings

    Initial Template Settings

  • Mastering Process Chain

    Mastering Process Chain